Phase One of The Jericho Project will cost approximately $2,000,000 to construct.  Southern Wesleyan University has already generously donated the land and is opening their campus life to the special needs residents who will live there.  They also are incorporating into their academic curriculum and non-degree programs the orientation and necessary training for their students who will reside with the special needs individuals.   Part of the funds required will be provided through the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, but there remains a significant amount to be raised from outside interests who can see the value of this unique and forward thinking initiative.  Below are various opportunities to support this important project.

Naming Opportunities

  • Entire Complex             
  • Residence Hall             
  • Apartment                      
  • Main Street                   
  • Outdoor Pavilion
  • Conference Room
  • Admin Office
  • Covered Portico   
  • Walking Trail         

Online Donation

  • $ 1,000,000
  • $    400,000
  • $      40,000
  • $      25,000
  • $      25,000
  • $      10,000
  • $      Donated
  • $      10,000
  • $      Donated

For both Naming Opportunities and Construction Materials donations, a permanent commemorative plaque will be situated in a prominent place inside or outside the residence hall as appropriate to the item donated or naming opportunity.  Working with each contributor the project committee will have the plaque designed to best represent the contributor's wishes.  The contributor will be granted "free" use of the image of the plaque in any marketing effort for their organization.

For Naming Opportunities, please contact any of the individuals on the contact page to move forward with your contribution.